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Rainbow - Tree line on south side best hidden Trout lake in the state
Perch - This area just north of Katie Olsen's landing t oabout the first cabin...is always good for perch. Troll slow with worm until you pick one up then jig.
hunny hole? - Just north of this point is a nice fishing hole drops off to about 30 feet only 20 yards off shore. Combined with the weedline off the point.
unknown pass - specks
Kadavu Trench - Kadavu Trench Fiji Islands www.gamefishingFiji.com
Kadavu Seamount - Kadavu Seamount www.GamefishingFiji.com
sauty creek flats - rattle traps/red eye shads,lisards
Little MTN Marina - ramp at little mtn. marina,and camp site.
ledge fish flat - 1.5' to 5' ledge spawning fish moving up.throw traps/red eye shads
My Backyard - Redfish Heaven!!!
Brown Trout - I have caught many Brown trout here between 3 and 6 lbs.
ZAHND Natural Area - 1400 acre public hunting area in Walker County, GA.
Fargo Flood Pics - Just a few pics of the river
Upper Kern - Point of Interest
Lower Owens - Point of Interest
Club Kirkis Hunting Camp - Base camp for 700 acre property managed for long beards and big buck's
whitetailed deer - first whitetail
Prairie Dog Hunting - a good place to find prairie dogs
Walleye Catch - Nice catch on Ashtabula
Northern - 39 in 16 lbs
Pheasants - Large numbers of birds along the road
Pheasants - Large concentration of birds along the road
Great Walleye Hole - When I was younger I would go here with my brother all the time.
16.5 lb Catfish - Looks like a 5 pounder... maybe its 8 or 9 lbs... wow! could be even 12 lbs... 30 min later..
Drain the walleye - Good location to use a slow drifts or trolls.
Haro Pheasants - Large Population of pheasants hold up here. Good place to find them in the evenings along the road.
Haros - If your looking to see deer this is the place to go. To bad you can't shoot any.
Dam rocks - Some real nice Smallmouth Bass can be had along the length of the Dam
Weedy 1 - The edge of this weedline to the North and South
Walleye hole - Its called the "Walleye hole" for a reason. In the early spring fishing can be very good
Creek Channel - Almost always worth a few fish. The confluence with the River channel is near the East shoreline.
Muddy Humps - Late May to August is prime for the humps near the bay and to the South. There can be significant pressure here
Deep Point - Possibly the best shore fishing spot on the lake. The channel is an easy cast on the SE tip.
Danger - The water is very shallow on the South and West sides
The Island - The channel and surrounding areas here can really produce in the spring
The Trough - The 12 to 14 foot area on the east side of the Spillway Channel can produce anytime but late may to early July is best.
My Moose - Bull moose taken opening weekend.

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