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   Hot Outdoors Network was born out of an idea suggested by my brother to create a site available for our family to store data relating to our hunting and fishing so we could go back and examine later. As the project started to take hold I started to realize that more sportsman/groups might be able to get use out of this. So from there started a long and painful process of putting it together.
   I wanted to develop a site that was primarily member driven. In doing this I want to be able to take information or ideas that I get either from direct contact or through the forum and put them to work.

   My Family loves to hunt and fish but we don't know everything there is to know so hopefully this site will help us learn more and give us a way to spread that knowledge.

   As the project escalated it started to develop into what is now growing into a full fledged community hunting and fishing website. Added with the power of the Google mapping system all members have the ability to see the markers they enter in a Google Earth style look.

   One of the main features that we were concerned about was the ability to keep some of these markers private in case we did not want anyone else to know about them (personal hot spots). So it is possible to hide markers on the map from all other members except for those that you allow to see them through individual access or through group membership. General Map UsageThe map can be used for alot more then scouting and tracking. You can share your hunting and fishing photos with friends and family, provide route planning and directions along with much more but you'll have to use it to find out.

   Groups are what make this site what it is. Each created group allows members the ability to add private marker access. Each marker added to the group gets put into the groups allowed list. All members in the group will now have access to those markers listed as long as that member is involved in the group. I believe that guide and charter services along with families and other groups can use this feature. More Info on Groups

   My hope for this site is to give a few more options to the sport I care about so much. I hope it is enjoyed and thank you for reading.


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