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hunting - Big Game (Deer, Elk, Caribou, etc...
fishing spot - Fishing (any)
campsite - Water temp 60 degrees northerns active, walleyes slow
Crappie - Enjoyed good crappie fishing last few weeks on minnows. Hopingtonavigate my pontoon boat from here to Lake Harney, bass fish along the way. Comments?
مكاني المفض - مكاني المفضل للصيد
Wishing Well Cove - A great place to relax and fish
Sandy Cove - Great sandy beached, perfect for kids to play
James Bay - Secluded Bay, good for relaxing in.
Boulder Island - Rocky Island
Indian Cyn Cove - A nice cover to relax in, not far from Callville Bay Marina
Las Vegas Boat Harbor - Located at the end of Hemenway Launch.
Kingman Wash - Dirt launch ramp, marginal launch with low water elevation
Black Islands - Islands that are very close to Lake Mead Marina
Boxcar Cove - Quiet cove, but the shoreline road may not reach the water anymore.
Lake Mead Marina - New Location, moved here in 2008
Callville Bay Marina - Launch here to be closest to the narrows. Main launch ramp closed, temporary ramp can get crowded in summer.
Hemenway Launch Ramp - Home to Lake Mead Marina and Las Vegas Boat Harbor
Hoover Dam - One of the great engineering accomplishments of the great depression.
Grebe Bay - A good fishing location, also nice to relax
Greggs Hideout - A good hideout, convenient to relax
Salt Spring Bay - A good fishing cove, also good for hanging out to relax.
Gateway Cove - Good cove to water skiing and hanging out to relax
Burro Bay - Burro Bay is a secluded bay that\'s good for water skiing and wake boarding. Burros are often seen on shore.
Temple Bar Marina - Temple Bar Marina has a motel, land fuel, marina fuel, restaurant and store.
Temple - The Temple Plateau across from Temple Bar Marina
RR Tracks - Lake Oconee, Georgia; current choke point - under the bridge
Sugar Creek Marina - Lake Oconee, Georgia; Gas, food, bait, ramp available - nice folks
fish - cove
Bluegill & Crappie - find 17 FOW for Crappie
Dauphin Lake. Mouth of Valley - Ice Fishing access. Turn east on Sifton corner, Straight onto the lake. Loads of Walleye. Check the rules must stay 1KM from the mouth and release certain sizes. Best fishing in March.
Maple Grove Park. Red River - Shore Angling for Cats, Sauger, Walleye and White Bass. Pickerel rig with minnow or worm. Higher current further out so use 1 oz weight. Ample parking and loads of room to spread out.
St. Vital Park. Red River - Shore Angling for Cats, Sauger, Walleye and White Bass. Pickerel rig with minnow or worm. Higher current further out so use 1 oz weight.
The Forks. Winnipeg - Red River. Catfish.
Lockport Manitoba - Angling from shore of Red River.
Sugar Island - Red River near Selkirk. Easy Ice fishing access
our canal - miami shores
haulover inlet - our inlet
Fort Frances Canadian Bass Championship - Starts July 23, 2009 - Ends July 25, 2009 - Fort Francis - International Bass Tourny
R&R crossing - where the choo-choo used too go
Bear Camp - camp
pheasants - nice field corner of WPA, bring your steel
island - sunken island
mays lake - Rt 83 And 31st. Enter frontage rd from 31st street west of rt 83
The pump house - if the wind lets you across the lake, you must make a few passes on this spot.
Goat Island - SE side of island with the right wind can be very productive for eye's and sauger.
Indian Hills Resort - Water is back in the bay. Stop by the store and say hi to Kelly she'll give you the low down.
Walleye/Smallie - Great lake for good eating walleye and nice round smallie. In front of the hatchery is always a good spot.

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